A client approached us with an idea to create a domain name search engine with a novel concept.

Agile Domain Search generates better domain names for websites and startups. The way it works is by combining a search term with a list of popular prefixes and suffixes. The website will test each combination’s availability against a database of already registered domains.

After analyzing the initial web app concept we developed a framework and production plan.

The technologies we decided to use were CakePHP, Foundation, MongoDB and VPS hosting on Linode. The client approved of the framework and we started developing the prototype.

After approximately 30 days of production we delivered the first iteration of the product, Agile Domain Search (http://agiledomainsearch.com).

Project Name: Agile Domain Search
URL: http://agiledomainsearch.com
Production Year: 2015
Our Role: Concept development, programming, web design
Platform: Responsive Web App